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Head Start

About Head Start

Our Head Start preschool program offers:

  • School readiness for children aged 3 to 5
  • High-quality early learning experiences
  • Parent involvement in classroom, planning, and committees
  • Parental support and learning opportunities
  • Connecting families to community services
  • Health screenings and services
  • Meals


Head Start operates from late August to June and provides half-day, full day, and extended day options.  Full-day option requires parents/guardians to be working, in training, or attending school.


Head Start

Who is Eligible?

  • Families below federal poverty guidelines or receiving public assistance such as TANF or SSI cash aid
  • Children and pregnant youth in foster care
  • Families facing housing instability or financial hardship
  • Families experiencing significant income changes may be eligible
  • Children with special needs are prioritized, regardless of income
  • Limited slots available for families above poverty level


For inquiries about eligibility, contact us at (775) 786-6023 or We’re here to help!

Head Start

How to Apply

To apply, choose between our online or paper applications (you do not need to complete both). We accept applications year-round, so feel free to apply anytime!

If you have applied for our program previously, please DO NOT complete a new application. Instead, please reapply by following the instructions here.


Online Application

Paper Application

If you can’t complete the online application, you can:

  • Bring the printed paper application to our main office at 1100 E 8th Street, Reno NV 89512 during regular office hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday). Please contact us at (775) 786-6023 to schedule an appointment.
  • Mail the application to CSA Head Start Enrollment, PO Box 10167, Reno NV 89510-0167. Remember to submit only copies, not originals, if mailing or dropping off documents. We are not responsible for original documentation submitted in error.

Head Start