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Whether you're a contractor in need of a reliable,
licensed energy auditor or a homeowner just looking
to save some money on your energy bills, CSA can help.



An energy audit is an evaluation of how your home or building is using, and probably losing, energy. It gives you a professional overview of your home's energy performance, so you know how best to upgrade it to increase its energy efficiency.

CSA also specializes in energy audits and inspections for commercial and industrial real estate companies.


Helping Nevadans Save Money While
Bringing Comfort Into Their Homes

Home Owners

In need of a licensed and certified professional to help find ways to lower your utility bills? CSA has various Assessment packages we can assist you with to meet your concerns.

Real Estate Agency

Trying to find a qualified HERS Rater to perform the proper Home Assessment needed for your EEM or EIM Loans? CSA is certified to perform HERS Ratings & Inspections.

CSA uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform Home Energy Assessments and Inspections for residential homes and commercial buildings

Building Contractors

Are you looking for a reliable, highly experienced Energy Auditor & Inspector for your new construction projects? CSA is Licensed & Certified to perform IECC Third Party Inspections.

HVAC Companies

Do you need to make sure the new Duct System you installed into a home is code compliant with leakage to the outside? CSA is able to test the new Duct System and certify if it passes.

Why CSA?

Whether you're a homeowner, building contractor, real estate agency or a HVAC company seeking a reliable licensed and certified professional, using our state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch software, CSA's highly experienced Energy Auditors have the ability to suit your needs and satisfy your concerns whatever they may be.

Blower Door Test

Blower Door Test

Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Duct Blaster Test

Duct Blaster Test

CSA also specializes in energy audits and inspections for commercial and industrial real estate companies.


Certifications / License

  • HERS Raters
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • IECC Third Party Inspectors
  • BPI Building Analyst Professionals
  • Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Camera
  • State Certified Weatherization Auditors/Inspectors
  • State Certified Combustion Appliance Safety Analyst
  • Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals

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Clayton Yon
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