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Recent News


New CSA Director The CSA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Leslie Colbrese has been chosen to lead the Agency into the next generation. Ms. Colbrese will be taking over the leadership of the Agency from Mr. Cloyd Phillips who is retiring after 47 years with Community Services Agency. Please join us in welcoming Leslie to her new position of Chief Executive Officer.


The CSA Early Childhood Education (ECE) Department expands! CSA's ECE Department has expanded it's assistance to low-income families with additional early childhood education programs! CSA now has classroom education/care for newborns to age 6 children. Apply today at 1100 E. 8th Street in Reno for one of three programs: 1) Early Head Start, 2) Head Start or 3) State Pre-Kindergarten.


Youth - Health Care Internship Community Services Agency’s Youth Matter Now: Health Care program just held their third graduation. This year, 18 enthusiastic high-school juniors completed 9 months of preparation for career, college, financial management, and employment. Thanks to our partnership with St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, each of the youth obtained a 150 hour internship in positions throughout the hospital such as Oncology, Labor and Delivery, Laboratory, Radiology, Nutrition, and Social Work. The results of the program were outstanding and all 18 are headed off to their senior year. Beginning in September, CSA will be recruiting for our next round of youth. Please contact us if you have (or are) a high school junior interested in learning more about the careers in health care.


Fun Head Start Fatherhood Outings! CSA Head Start has launched Fatherhood Fun Activities. We have recruited some participants and are still accepting more fathers and their children. Our first activity was a Wolfpack Basketball game. We have many fun sports and fun activities planned. Let your Family Engagement Specialist (FES) know if you would like to participate or need additional information. All Head Start fathers welcome!


Family Engagement at Head Start Head Start is pleased to offer many different opportunities for family engagement. We have trainings for parents on a wide variety of topics and we also have family friendly activities. For example, we always welcome you to come volunteer in the Head Start classroom- just show up- you can call ahead or let us know you are able to volunteer on a certain day. We appreciate your help and support in the classroom. Sometimes an extra set of hands makes all the difference and an adult talking to a child can help them learn and grow in so many ways. We are beginning to offer parenting classes which are really interactive and fun. The classes emphasize re-directing your child’s behavior, and on practical tips that make day-to-day childrearing more positive. Less stress - more fun! If you are interested in taking a parenting class let your Family Engagement staff person know and arrangements will be made. We offer individual-topic-classes as well as a series-of-classes (all free). These are classes some people pay as much as $500 to attend. The books and materials are provided. Other trainings are available. We are also open to exploring new topics that might be of interest to you! We want to partner with parents so everyone gets the full Head Start benefit. Share your ideas with us. Two or more heads are better than one!


Community Partnership a Success! Home Depot (at 6590 South Virginia Street) has adopted Community Services Agency Head Start for the annual “Orange Embrace Program”. Decorating picnic tables was the first of many activities that are to come. To personalize tables for the playgrounds at the Wooster, Smithridge and Agnes Risley Head Start sites, Home Depot built picnic tables and invited children to put their handprints on each piece. The tables will be finished with a thick, clear lacquer before they are sent to the sites for the staff, children and families to enjoy. Everyone had a blast!


Upcoming Head Start Activity The Home Depot Orange Embrace volunteers will be at Community Services Agency on Thursday, March 29th at 9:30 a.m. to paint picnic tables (donated by Home Depot) with the Head Start children (hand prints).


Healthy Smile-Happy Child Survey The Nevada State Health Division is conducting the Healthy Smile-Happy Child Survey and will be visiting Head Start classrooms throughout the school year with a dentist to educate the children and families on oral health. The purpose of the Healthy Smile-Happy Child Survey is to gather information about the health of children’s teeth across the state. With parent consent they will be completing a dental screening, providing dental varnishing and taking height and weight. The results will help the state to plan for children’s health programs in Nevada.


Algeria Youth Leadership Program In July CSA hosted 12 UNR Algeria Youth Leadership Program participants, providing them Head Start training and experience.


CSA Offers "Microsoft Word for Your Resume" Class! “I have a resume, how do I make changes to it?” In addition to the Computer Basics course we currently offer, CSA is proud to announce a new Microsoft Word Basics class specific to editing your resume. In the current, competitive job market, tailoring your resume for each position to which you are applying will make your resume stand out and may give you just the edge to get that job! Call 786-6023 to register today.


Head Start News CSA Head Start is pleased to announce the "I Can. Help My Child Stay Healthy Project" start up in February! CSA Head Start is joining with UCLA to offer a National Health Project in Reno.

100 Head Start parents will receive training and health kits and will be part of this exciting program.

Ask your Family Service Provider or other Head Start staff for more information!